Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Declaration of Interdependence

The Declaration of Interdependence:

At a time that the United States of America has lost its functional democracy, our main challenge is not only the restoration of democracy but the fulfillment of justice for all. This monumental task can not be accomplished without taking our social paradigm, our Carta Magna, to a higher level. We must incorporate our Declaration of Independence in a higher and integral vision: our Declaration of Inter-Dependence.

I believe the advancement of the following ideals will nurture the vision of justice for all for ourselves and generations to come.

One planet, one humanity, one integral life on Earth.

We give up on no human being.

Biophilia is our path; Necrophilia our illness.

Love is our salvation, hatred our demise.

US, we are all us: there are no THEM.

Humanity's destiny is to be caretakers of the Earth.

Our passion serves our compassion.

The circle of compassion is fulfilled with consciousness, conduct, culture and community.

As human beings we have a right to meet the four dimensions of our essential purpose:
Live, learn, love and leave a legacy.

Hope is essential to our lives: those who keep hope alive are our greatest leaders.

Creativity is as important as knowledge.

Imagination and intuition are as important as science and reason.

Those with the greatest skills are to serve those in the greatest need.

Truth and reconciliation is a path to heal our historical trauma all around the Earth.

Equality for all everywhere.

Diversity is our strength.

We lift every voice, we tend every heart: the circle has no sides.

Conviviality is our wellbeing, isolation our devastation.

Activity and rest are our rights.

Incarceration is an illness: we will prevail in restoring and finding higher solutions to crime.

We share wisdom and resources with one and all based on a universal criteria of need.

We return to the sacred in our hearts and communities.

We at all time have a right to a path with a heart.

Cultivating our dreaming self is our right.

Art is our right: art is life.

Every child is sacred and should be treated as such.

Strength and tenderness complete our wellbeing: we cultivate activities and lifestyles that nurture these essential qualities.

Life in balance in society and our planet is our highest life.

Peace is our right.

Rotation of social power is vital to our wellbeing.

We are all learners and teachers: Experience is our school of life.

 By Roberto Dansie
Founder & CEO Cultural Wisdom.                 
November 12, 2014 

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