Friday, February 15, 2013

Chia Seed Native Medicine for the World !

Chia Seed Native Medicine for the World ! by Roberto Dansie
As it usually happens, the answers we seek are found within ourselves. And, in this case, within our Native Wisdom. I am talking about a 10,000 year old plant whose seeds have given legendary powers to human beings, among them the power to run -none stop- hundreds of miles as the Tarahumara Indians do today. It’s name, is “Chia.”
Chia has, gram for gram, 3 times more iron than spinach, 6 times more calcium than milk, and 8 times more omega-3’s than salmon. Tasteless, it is also a dream come true for picky eaters who would hardly even notice that it has been included in their usual meals.

Chia releases a gel that has been found to lower blood sugar, and ancient Tarahumara beliefs tell us they have many more health benefits that have not been scientifically researched. I was blessed to meet with the Tarahumara some years ago as I journeyed through Mexico in the Sonoran Dessert they call their home. Tarahumara are part of a tribe of people who once lived in an incredible place called Paquime. The Tarahumara lived there beneath the desert. There are many Native wisdoms that have been practiced for thousands of years, this oral history has given us the wisdom to preserve the generations themselves.
*Below you see a photo of me at the site of Paquime giving a talk to some friends. 

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